Glow In the Dark Torch Stick Lighter - 12 Unit Display

  • Minimum Units Per Order: 12
  • Price Per Unit: $5.50
  • SRP Per Unit: $10.99 - $14.99
  • Gross Profit Margin Based Off Of SRP: 50% - 63%

Product Descriptions:

• Adjustable butane torch lighter generates a blue flame that is wind resistant and works at any angle - even upside down! Easy to refill with butane (not included). With a full refill of butane, this torch lighter can last for long periods of time.

• Reaching temperatures up to 2300° F, this is the most powerful flame lighter on the market! It is powerful enough to be used to solder wires and finish other mechanical and home improvement projects.

• Features a kickstand and lock for hands free use. Also features a bottle opener - carry all of your necessary tools at once! Streamlined design and handle make this easy to use for all consumers. Handle with care.

Use extreme caution during and after ignition. Keep out of reach of children. Butane is not included and must be purchased separately.

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