Medical Dispensary Wholesale

Quikfillrx is an online wholesale company that specializes in providing retail solutions to the Medical and Recreational Cannabis industry throughout North America.  We focus on delivering solutions that create incremental revenue within the cannabis dispensary channel. 

 We have the ability to private label all our items allowing us to assist our dispensary partners in building their brand equity while creating brand impressions within their market. 

 How will you differentiate yourself in the dispensary market place?  Do you understand your value proposition as you promote your dispensary to consumers?  Let us help you grow your revenue.  We have several years of convenience retailer experience that allows our team to provide our dispensary partners with a clear road map to their lost retail profits.  Selling cannabis is like selling gasoline in the convenience channel.  We ask the question of “What makes you different?”   Originally gasoline was the only destination driver that brought consumers to a convenience store.  Now that simple convenience store market has matured.  You must ask yourself what your value proposition is.  Did convenience stores only sell gasoline and stay successful?  We want to educate our dispensary partners on how to maximize each consumer's shopping experience while in your dispensary.

 Our company's mission is to provide solutions to our dispensary partners that deliver brand awareness, brand impressions, and market share.

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