3D Alien XXL Torch Lighter - 12 Unit Display

Case Orders:
  • Case Unit Quantity: 12
  • Price Per Unit At Wholesale: $3.50
  • SRP Per Unit: $6.99 - $9.99
  • Gross Profit Margin Based Off Of SRP: 50%-65%

Product Description:

  • Multi-use butane torch lighter generates a blue flame that is wind resistant and works at any angle - even upside down! This is the perfect lighter for lighting fireworks, cigars, cigarettes and more - especially outdoors.
  • Ideal for culinary use by a professional or amateur chef. This will perfectly caramelize your Creme Brulee and even cook meats! Great for cooking in the kitchen or on your camping trip - make s'mores in seconds!
  • Easy to refill with butane (not included). With a full refill of butane, this jet torch lighter can last for long periods of time. Features removable safety lock.
  • Reaching temperatures up to 2300° F, this is the most powerful flame lighter on the market! It is powerful enough to be used to solder wires and finish other mechanical and home improvement projects.
  • One of a kind molded alien head design handle. Glow-in-the-dark neon green alien.

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