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Wholesale Stash Jar and Dispensary Supplies: Keeping Your Weed Fresh at All Times

Keep your cannabis fresh, clean, and handy with QuikfillRx’s wholesale stash jar and other dispensary supplies.

To preserve and fully enjoy your weed flavor, keeping it fresh at all times is a must. Any serious herb enthusiast knows the importance of maintaining the cannabis flower clean for consumption. However, humidity located in the air can make it challenging to keep the weed's quality and freshness.

Unfortunately, the usual packaging for cannabis is plastic, making it more challenging to maintain the weed's freshness. Maintaining the quality of the pot is even more difficult for an extended period. If stored carefully, cannabis can sit well for more than a couple of years, without losing its flavor and freshness.

There are plenty of ways to keep cannabis fresh at all times. One of the most common storage options would be an airtight jar made of glass. Ceramic pots with leak proof seals can also keep weeds from drying out and getting stale.

QuikfillRx understands how important it is to keep cannabis fresh and maintain its integrity for a long time. With factors like heat, light, humidity, and air temperature to consider, there are plenty of risks that can potentially deteriorate your weed's freshness. QuikfillRx lists down a few tips to consider to keep your cannabis fresh and flavorful at all times.


  • Store your cannabis stash in a cool place

    Air temperature contributes a lot to deteriorating or keeping the freshness out of your cannabis. It would be ideal for storing them in a dry, cool place to preserve the potency of your pot. Store it at or below 24 degrees centigrade to keep molds, fungi, and bacteria from growing on your stash.

    There are plenty of wholesale stash jars available in the market where you can store your cannabis. The bottom line would be storing it in a very cold or freezing environment to keep its freshness. However, the freezer is never a good idea - trichomes in your weed will break off and compromise the smoothness and the flavor when smoking your herb.


  • Keep it away from hot temperatures

    The sun is the number one cause of decarboxylation on your cannabis. Avoid storing them close or in direct sunlight. When exposed to too much heat, your cannabis will lose its euphoric effect and degrade your pot's overall experience.

    Sun and heat exposure also leaves your cannabis dry. It will tend to lose its aroma and other medicinal properties - losing a lot of potential flavors and experience you'll get to enjoy with your smoking sessions. Mildew will most likely appear if marijuana is exposed to warm temperatures.


  • Store your cannabis in a controlled environment

    Humidity can affect the shelf life of your cannabis. Too much air moisture can cause molds and mildew on your weed. Too little humidity can dry out your weed and deteriorate the trichomes present in your weed. Cannabinoids and terpenes in your herb are also degraded when too little moisture is available.

    The ideal humidity level to store your cannabis would be between 59% to 63%. The potency is also preserved well, together with the aroma, texture, color, and, most importantly, flavor in humidity levels below 63%. Storing your stash in a well-controlled environment can keep your cannabis fresh for a very long period.


  • Avoid too much exposure to light.

    Light exposure can also compromise the flavor and freshness of your cannabis. It would be ideal to find dispensary supplies and wholesale smoking accessories to protect your stash from too much light. Cannabis can stay fresh for years if left in a dark and room-temperature storage area.

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    Ultraviolet rays on your cannabis bleach the buds and compromise its flavor. In effect, your weed will feel harsh when inhaled and reduces its mellow and leafy flavor and aroma. Too much light exposure can also dry out your weed. You'll lose much flavor if you expose your pot to too much sunlight.

    Airtight containers are the best option available to stash and keep your weed. Mason jars and glass containers can help a lot in keeping your weed impermeable to oxygen and other factors that degrade its quality. Opaque and tinted glass jars are also ideal storage options you can consider to keep your marijuana fresh for a very long time.

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