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Wholesale Smoking Accessories and Tools for Eco-conscious Smokers

Smoking poses a threat to the environment. However, there are eco-friendly ways to reduce their potential harm to the environment.

People who have been smoking for quite some time are aware of its effects on the environment. There is nothing wrong with enjoying recreational smoking, as long as done responsibly. We should always think of the long-term impacts since the environment suffers from dreadful acts by humans. Smoking, in some ways, poses a threat to the environment. Improper disposal of cigarette wastes can create a massive impact on Earth’s landfills.

To become a responsible smoker, there are ways to tone down these toxic wastes. People must be careful when it comes to dealing with the environment.



Cannabis Use in America

In the U.S., marijuana ranks second as the most used psychotropic substance, just below alcohol. With the easing of the restrictions in multiple states, the recreational use of cannabis has become even more popular than before. More and more people will be giving it a try.


Environmental Benefits of Cannabis

Some people are unaware of the benefits cannabis provides to humans and the environment. It is not limited to the therapeutic and physiological effects on the human body. For example, the Hemp plant is suitable for food and paper products while being less resource-intensive. It creates lesser pollution as well as compared to other industrial crops. 

Hemp can also produce a paper which makes it more beneficial. Since it has a low lignin content compared to wood, the production to a pulp is faster and easier. Also, the flesh produced is naturally bright, requiring no bleaching at all. These naturally golden pulps are used in traditional paper mills and release a toxic substance called dioxin to the environment.

Cannabis cultivation opens opportunities that can be of significant harm to the environment. There have been researches where there is a linked production of a once-verboten plant to a host of issues. It ranges from water theft and degradation of public lands to wildlife deaths and potential ozone effects.

According to Van Butsic, the co-director of the Cannabis Research Center at the University of California Berkeley, “We have a culture and history of cannabis cultivation in the remote areas that may be sensitive to environmental disruptions.” Threatening as it sounds, it calls for an eco-conscious initiative for cannabis use.


Eco-friendly Cannabis Accessories

As a cannabis smoker, you can do your part in helping the environment, too. It is not limited to proper waste disposal and recycling. You can be wiser in your choice of accessories that can be therapeutic and environment friendly as well.

Below are some of the eco-friendly choice for Cannabis accessories:

  • Filter Tips

    Some smokers opt not to use filters. However, some prefer using filter tips. Filters or crutch are used to physically block the small pieces of cannabis from being sucked through when smoking. It only allows pure, unaltered cannabis smoke to be inhaled. Using a filter made from Hemp products reduces the chance of creating toxic wastes to the environment.

  • Rolling Papers

    These rolling papers can help improve the quality of the overall smoking experience and the joint itself. Traditionally, they are made from wood pulp. As the cannabis market continues to discover more eco-friendly options, some rolling papers are made from Hemp.

  • Joint Roller

    Usually, joints are made from conventional plastic. But to be more sensitive to the environment, hemp-derived plastics are created as joint rollers. It is more sustainable and more natural to recycle.

  • Backflip Tray

    A tray made from bamboo products is naturally sustainable and eco-friendly. Bamboos are known to be the fastest-growing plants and considered more efficient at carbon dioxide into oxygen conversion compared to other trees.

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With the fast-growing innovation of cannabis accessories and tools, there is a challenge for the industry. Eco-friendly materials and products are always a gain for the industry, especially in saving the environment. People can use cannabis while helping to preserve our natural resources.

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