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Wholesale Grinders and Weed Rainbow Grinders: Top Benefits and Proper Use

A weed rainbow grinder is an essential tool used in grinding weed into an excellent consistency perfect for smoking sessions. Get wholesale grinders from QuikfillRx.

Grinders, also known as herb grinders, are one of the primary tools used in smoking marijuana. The device is used to grind cannabis into an excellent consistency ideal for a great smoking experience. The device features interlocking halves that reveal metal teeth patterns used to shred and break down cannabis.

The quality and durability of your rainbow grinder dictate how consistent your weeds are grounded. Cheaper alternatives can break down your pot but not as efficient, consistent, and fast as a metal grinder. The grinder that you use improves your overall smoking experience, so choose a device that efficiently works for you.

Rookies will not wholly understand the importance of a weed grinder and how it should be properly used. As one of your marijuana arsenal members, your choice of grinder can make a big difference.

QuikfillRx brings you closer to the smoker pot's world and introduces you to one of its most important smoking tools - the grinder. Learn more about marijuana grinders through this comprehensive guide from QuikfillRx.


What is a Rainbow Grinder or Rainbow Metal Kitchen Tool?

The rainbow metal kitchen tool is a metal grinder available in QuikfillRx. It is a device used to grind cannabis. Unlike the usual metal grounders, the rainbow metal kitchen features four pieces instead of the usual two. These pieces include the hemp cap, the grinding hemp chamber, the mesh chamber, and the hemp bottom chamber.

The additional chambers and screens prevent your cannabis from falling while in the process and avoiding mess when preparing your herbs.

Most of the grinder designs available in the market are of palm-size. You can easily stash it in your bag or secure it inside your packer. The cylindrical device is also usually made from metal to produce a consistent shred and tear action when grinding dried cannabis into small even particles. Some grinders are made of wood and plastic - however, metal grinders are still the preferred choice for most pot smokers.


Advantages of Using a Herb Grinder

Grinders for cannabis are created to break down cannabis into a more consumer-friendly form efficiently. Unlike other manual processes, breaking down dried marijuana flowers can be done faster, more efficiently, and in large amounts through grinders. Investing in a good cannabis grinder has plenty of advantages.

Breaking marijuana by hand gives you inconsistent and uneven sizes. The inconsistency compromises the smoothness of the smoking experience once you roll your weed into a cigarette. Uneven particles, when heated, can burn differently. Grinders, aided by a serrated designed tooth, creates a nice consistency most of the time.

A marijuana grinder easily separates and collects kief from your herbs. Kief features active botanical compounds that create an even more smooth and relaxing smoking experience when added to your smoking devices. Tearing up your cannabis with a scissor or by hand makes it impossible to capture the kief that is knocked off the dried plant's flower bud.

Generally, using your hands to break down, cannabis is messy. The cannabinoid and terpene in your marijuana break down and sticks to your fingers. Not using a grinder to breakdown your cannabis for consumption compromises the overall experience of your smoke.

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How to Use the Rainbow Metal Kitchen Tool

  1. Check the sharpness of your grinder's teeth as well as the gauge between each teeth. The holes of your grinder should be just enough to get a nice size for your cannabis. Go for a nicely spaced grinder teeth because the ones with too small distances prevent you from grinding much cannabis at the same time.
  2. Place a generous amount of your herb for grinding, but avoid overfilling your grinder to the top chamber. It would crush more efficiently if you leave enough room for your herb to move while being grounded. You'll get a nice and smooth batch if you'll grind a sufficient amount.
  3. Flip your grinder during the process to ensure that all your cannabis are being evenly grounded. Check if the top lid is tightly closed to ensure that no weed would end up flying over.
  4. Be thorough with your herbs. Start grinding by turning the top part of the grinder as you feel the resistance fade as the grinder teeth are grounding the cannabis. A window grinder is available in some models allowing you to see if you have ground your herb according to your needs.
  5. Gather the kief or the pollen that falls through the screen of the four-piece grinder. The kief is collected in the lower chamber of the grinder. You can put the grounder in the freezer for half an hour, so the kief would be easier to obtain and rubbed together with your cannabis.


Herb grinders preserve the integrity of your cannabis. Proper use allows you to enjoy a smooth finish that guarantees the best and most relaxing smoking experience. QuikfillRx provides you with the best tools and accessories perfect for all your dispensary needs.

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