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Ultimate Guide to Torch Lighters: Which Type Is Best for You?

There are many types of lighters and torches available in the market, each with a particular use and function to offer. QuikfillRx guides you through the types and criteria in looking for the right flame perfect for your needs.

Lighters and torches are essential tools for every smoker’s experience. In general, these portable devices provide convenient access to ignite tobacco products and other combustible materials. There is a wide selection of lighters and torches in the market based on flame types and functions. 

Torches and lighters are categorized into different types to quickly identify which device would function best for a specific circumstance it may satisfy. Some lighters are created mainly for recreational smoking, while others function for outdoor activities and practical use. Identifying each type allows you to choose the right type of lighter or torch for your recreational or practical needs.

Choosing the right type of lighter or torch depends on several criteria. A specific type should be able to work efficiently for your needs without compromising functionality. Identifying each type in the market, its function, and purpose makes it easier to decide which lighter or torch fits your needs.

There are plenty of wholesale smoking accessories shops that feature different types of lighters and torches. Some of the common types of lighters and torches are the ones we use daily. Other types offer more robust flames intended for exclusive use. QuikfillRx enumerates the types of lighters and torches available in the market as well as their applications.


Basic Types of Torch Lighters

Torch lighters fall under the heavy-duty type of lighters. These lighters are perfect for smoking cigars because of the robust and steady flames that they produce. Butane powers torch lighters while basic lighters use Naptha, a flammable liquid derived from refined crude oil. 

There are three types of torch lighters, each identified through the flame jets each device produces. These types include single jet torch flame lighters, double jet torch flame lighters, and triple jet torch flame lighters.

Single Jet Torch Lighters

Single jet torch lighters, also known as single flame torch lighters, feature a thin and needle-like blue flame. The blue color indicates the intensity of the flame. Single-flame torch lighters are the simplest type of torch lighter available in the market. 

Single jet torch flame lighters are perfect for large gauge cigars. This type of torch lighters produces high flame intensity. Smaller ring-gauged cigars would ignite and burn quickly with this type of flame.

Double Jet Torch Lighters

The second type of torch lighter is the double jet torch lighter. This device features a burning catalyzer burning in an internal cylinder where the flames escape. A double jet torch lighter produces twice or thrice in temperature compared to a single jet torch.

Double flame torch lighters are ideal for outdoor use. The flame it produces can be easily maintained even in windy weather due to its high intensity. You can quickly start camping fires and cookout fire pots with a double jet torch lighter.

Triple Jet Torch Lighters

Triple jet torch lighters create flame through the combustion of butane that escapes from the device's cylinder. This type of torch lighter creates the highest intensity and power compared to the other types of torch lighters. Its' flames also cover a large surface area.

A triple flame torch lighter can easily ignite cigars that have gauges higher than 48. Practice careful handling for triple jet torch lighters because the butane liquid may leak in improper use and may cause burning accidents. If you are a beginner, getting something less technical as a triple jet torch lighter is better.

Turbo Blue Torch Lighter is a soft grip butane torch lighter that generates a blue flame that is wind resistant and works at any angle. This is a perfect lighter to light up cannabis, cigarettes, cigar, fireworks and more.  


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Basic Types of Lighters

Lighters, compared to torch lighters, use Naphtha as fuel. When a Naphtha-powered lighter ignites, a spark strikes the metal against the flint to produce a flame, which in turn releases a distinct odor. Several dispensary supply wholesale websites and shops feature these types of lighters.

There are five basic types of lighters available in the market. 

Traditional Flame Lighters

The traditional type of lighter is the most common type of lighter available in the market. It features a soft flame that is cooler than the flames produced by a torch lighter. The traditional type features a flame similar to that of a candle.

Flames from traditional lighters blow out easily. Soft flame lighters work well with the common types of cigarettes in the market. Burning a cigar may take longer with a traditional lighter compared to a torch.

Double Flame Lighters

Like double flame torch lighters, a double flame lighter features a mighty flame. It uses a lighter liquid like that of the traditional flame lighter. A double flame lighter is similar to the double jet torch lighter but uses a different kind of liquid as its fuel.

Double flame lighters feature a blue flame, capable of lighting the dense foot of cigars quickly. The double flame type of lighter can easily light 50-ring cigars evenly. If you prefer cigars over cigarettes, this type of lighter is ideal for you.

Candle Lighter

Candle lighters work with a lithium-ion battery. The device works to create an electrical arc to produce a flame and feature an extended nozzle. Compared to traditional lighters, no fluid or liquid is needed to start a flame.

Flames produced from candle lighters are higher in temperature, making it easier to light candles. It is the most common device for lighting birthday cakes and grills as the nozzle makes it easier to access hard to reach wicks.

Pipe Lighter

The pipe lighter features a soft flame and uses lighter fluid as fuel. Pipe lighters come in plastic and metal encasements. It features a softer flame that covers a broader area versus a traditional lighter.

The pipe lighter can easily ignite the bowl of the pipe without burning the edges of the bowl. It is also ideal for smoking marijuana in pipes.

Vaporizer Lighter

The vaporizer lighter is a type of lighter found in vapes and ENDS. Vaporizer lighters are electrically powered and used in two ways - specifically for one kind of vapor and those suited for oils, vape juices and concentrates. Among the common types of vaporizer lighter available in the market are tabletop vaporizers, portable flower vapes, and portable oil vapes.

Vaporizers are ideal for smokers who would want to stir away from the traditional way of smoking tobacco.

Identifying the different types of torches and lighter types available in the market makes it easier to pick the best device that suits your smoking needs. A consumer can choose a torch or lighter depending on the type or size of the tobacco product they smoke. The detailed information given helps you make smart decisions in purchasing lighters and torches.

QuikfillRx features a wide variety of torches and lighters suited to your needs. Each torch and lighter, crafted to function to its full potential without compromising style and convenience. You can never go wrong with QuikfilRx's roster of lighter and torch products. QuikfillRX believes in providing high-quality smoking solutions to the industry. It is a pioneer in offering stylish, affordable, and durable smoking accessories customized for recreational and practical needs. 




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