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Torch Lighters: Types and Advantages

QuikfillRx features different types of torch lighters perfect for your everyday and individual needs.

A torch lighter is the innovation of the regular light. It uses a different fuel type that allows it to reach higher temperatures compared to the ordinary lighter. Butane is the gas equivalent used to power up torch lighters.

The cool torch lighter features a distinctive bright blue flame. It is mostly used in cooking, DIY art projects, and outdoor activities such as lighting campfires and fireplaces. Torch lighters have more robust flames, mostly wind-resistant and ideal for lighting cigars, even larger ring sizes.

Several torch lighters available in the market come in different sizes and styles that would fit any personality. A torch lighter features a high-quality flame, is reliable, and sets off an intense fire to light your cigar and cigarettes anytime. 

QuikfillRx features several stylish and durable torch lighters, also known as jet lighters. Before you are tempted to choose one, consider the factors listed below to get the best torch lighter fit for your needs.

Here are some of the top things to consider when choosing cool torch lighters for your smoking needs:

Types of Torch Lighters


  • Single Flame Torch Lighter

    Torch lighters feature adjustable nozzles and are one of the preferred choices for cigar users. Handy as the lighter but with a robust flame to boost, most torch lighters are made with a zinc alloy body to handle the high temperatures. It can be easily operated with one hand and is refillable.


  • Double Flame Torch Lighter

    Eye-catching design with a mighty flame, more robust than the single flame torch lighter - these describe the double flame torch lighter. Also made with a zinc alloy body, it is one of the perfect choices to choose to light your cigar on the first try quickly. The sleek design often features a push-button ignition for easy use as well as an adjustable flame.


  • Triple Flame Torch Lighter

    Stylish, sturdy, windproof, and efficient - there are just a few of the best descriptions of the triple flame torch lighter features. It is one of the top choices for cigar lovers as well as outdoor enthusiasts. Designed to be compact, it can quickly light larger cigars. Get a bigger sized torch lighter if you prefer the triple-flame because it uses up butane much faster.


  • Quadruple Flame Torch Lighter

    If the three-flame torch lighter is not enough for you, the quadruple flame is the best option. The quadruple flame torch lighter is enclosed in a durable zinc alloy body for better heat resistance, this device's blue flames make it one of the best multipurpose lighters available out there. However, it may not be easy to adjust the flame size due to its intense power.

    Multiple flames are the most prominent difference that torch lighters offer compared to contemporary lighters. Larger cigars can be easily lit with torch lighters with more than one spark. They may cost more, but the fire's efficiency and robustness are quite admirable, especially for outdoor activities.

    The torch lighter is far from ordinary. Powered by butane, it can achieve higher temperatures and is windproof. A lovely blue flame is the most prominent feature of the torch lighter. The typical lighter, on the other hand, features a weak yellow glow. Cigar lovers would struggle using a lighter to enjoy a cigar compared to a torch lighter. 

    Here are a few of the advantages you can also enjoy when using a torch lighter:


    types of torch lighters

    Aim your flame in any direction

    Unlike the ordinary lighter, a torch lighter can be bent upside and downside to control the flame and aim it in any direction. The flame can be easily used in lighting pipes and cigars. Bending your fire according to your will adds up to the coolness factor of the device.


    Strong hot flame

    The pressurized flame produced by the fuel-powered torch lighter creates a robust and hot flame. The healthy fire produced by the flame makes it windproof and waterproof at the same time. It works even in very windy conditions and is perfect for the outdoor adventurer.



    The device is inside a zinc alloy encasement, which makes them last longer compared to ordinary lighters. The device is refillable with butane. However, it burns fuel quickly and can drain butane very fast, especially with multiple-flamed torches.  Invest in a perfect brand for torch lighters because the ignition fails quickly with cheaper ones.

    Enjoy a healthy, flawless, and prominent flame with the torch lighter. Torches are the best option to quickly light your cigar and puff less while enjoying the smooth smoking experience your cigar offers. For demanding flame requirements and outdoor proof smoking enjoyment, torch lighters are the way to go.

    QuikfillRx features an extensive collection of colorful, durable, and high-quality torch lighters and other wholesale smoking accessories. The brand features a selection of classically designed torches and bright, vibrant, and intricately designed torches for the less conservative smoker. Whether for its  utility value or recreational use, you'll find a perfect torch lighter in QuikfillRX's roster of products.

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