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The Importance of Carrying Lighter Cases and Holders at all Times

Reasons why you should always carry a lighter case and how to take care of lighters.

Fire and Man

We have had a long and meaningful relationship with fire and heat. It has both the power to save and destroy at the same time. Along with mastering fire, it also demands our respect and deep understanding. Most of  human civilization and history would not be possible if not for the mastery of fire. It had and continues to play a big part in our past and our future.


Owning your own Fire Starting Kit

It is no longer a question of would you want one. Rather, it is a matter of how many and what kind would you want. Knowing the types of lighters out there would make you better informed on which one fits your needs and lifestyle.

Even a broken lighter in your possession could mean the difference between life and death. Broken lighters with good flints on them can still be used as starters to create fire. And as in any survival manual would tell you, fire is crucial to one's survival, especially when you’re outdoors.

From the disposable ones to the more robust, there is a lighter for any situation you might need. Investing in a more dependable version and checking out a dispensary supply wholesale collection is highly recommended.

Quick Differences between Disposable Lighter and Refillable Lighters

Disposable lighters usually are made with very cheap materials. Although they do the job as advertised, its use is limited. Once the fluid is used up, the lighter is thrown away. 

Refillable lighters are, on the other hand, well, refillable. Once the gas burns out, you can just easily refill the unit to use it again. Compared to disposable smokezilla lighters, they are usually made with better, more durable materials that typically last longer. And if you do ever opt for the more durable refillable lighters, in time, you would also need certain materials to take care of the unit. These include but are not limited to:

Extra wick – Depending on the kind of lighter you own, it is good practice to have more than one for replacements.

Lighter fluid/Butane – A refillable lighter definitely needs this and must be in your kit.

Small brushes and cleaning solvents or solutions – Some upkeep is needed from time to time to ensure your lighter's performance is as optimal as it can be.

Care and Storage

Refillable lighters need some protection, too. In fact, it is advisable to have lighter cases and holders. Taking good care of your lighters would assure you of their dependability when you need them.

Where to put your now growing kit

As your collection of lighters grows, you can always add whatever you deem necessary. This is where lighter cases and holders come into play--to keep things organized and readily available all in one place. Sizes, shapes, and materials vary depending upon your needs, lifestyle, and preferences.

Here are some examples of what goes inside a fire starting kit :

  • Cotton wool
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Magnesium rod
  • Matches
  • Candles
  • Disposable lighters
  • Small pieces of wood
  • Accelerates (Alcohol and Lighter Fluid)
lighters and torches, dispensary accessories, different kinds of torches

You can easily make your own list. Add whatever you think might be important to your needs and lifestyle.  It would also depend on what method of starting a fire you are comfortable with. From a tiny holder or case to a hefty one, check out the choices in a dispensary wholesale collection.   

To Sum it All Up

So, why are lighter cases important and essential?

  • Lighters are very indispensable, and you will almost always need one when a situation arises
  • Invest in a dependable, durable lighter. In the long run, you’re able to save money.
  • Take care of your lighters, especially refillable ones. Protect them with lighter cases and holders.
  • Learn basic fire-starting techniques

Whether you light a cigarette or camp out with family or friends especially in the summer, a lighter definitely comes in handy. Or there might just be unexpected circumstances where a lighter would be an ally. So, it would be wise to have a lighter case or holder to keep your lighter and other essentials safe and secure wherever you go.

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