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Environmentally Sustainable Cannabis Packaging

Every business should be concerned with their environmental contributions. Packaging products is an important aspect of this. After your consumers get a hold of your product, will your packaging be contributing to the increasing volume of trash collected every day around the world? It shouldn’t. 

Many big companies, particularly fast-food chains, are stepping up with their sustainability efforts. As an everyday staple, it’s important that these companies become aware of the environmental impact of their packaging.

For decades, we have been accustomed to the use of plastics as packaging for most of the things we buy. We put our goods in plastic bags when taking home things we bought from the grocery stores. We request for take-out and they’re placed in styrofoam or plastic containers.

Plastic has been such a huge part of consumerism. Almost everything is wrapped in plastic, even our fruits such as oranges and bananas-- that already have a protective layer for the reason plastic exists.

At present, there could now be approximately 5.25 trillion bits of macro and microplastics floating in the open ocean. This weighs as much as 269,000 tonnes.


This is plastic’s impact on Mother Earth.

The public is now aware of the devastating effects of plastic packaging on the environment. This is why more and more people have now turned to choose products with sustainable packaging. Moreover, the public now prefers using products or services, and patronizing companies that have been open about their environmentally sustainable initiatives.


Cannabis Packaging: Onward To Sustainability

Cannabis packaging is now a topic for concern as more and more cannabis sellers and dispensaries cater to the public. As legislation progresses to cannabis use both recreationally and medically, an influx of consumers will be expected in the coming months and years.

The usual cannabis packaging as of this writing is “small, blended plastic containers”. The waste produced by cannabis packaging is now likened to the volume of waste that water bottle packaging has produced. This creates a crisis.

As many people continue to be environmentally conscious with their consumerist choices, cannabis customers are no different. This generation’s cannabis consumers concern themselves with environmental sustainability, too.

With this, important aspects in the cannabis industry, more so its cannabis packaging, should follow suit with society’s standards.


Strategies for Environmental Sustainability in Cannabis Packaging

It’s important that we do not only stop in developing environmentally sustainable packaging. Consumers are keen on the environmental efforts of the company beyond its packaging, too.

Here are strategies that would help you and your brand shift to a more sustainable image.

  • Using recyclable materials in cannabis packaging

    It’s important that the company invests in research on environmentally-sustainable packaging. With this comes avoidance of plastic packaging altogether. Many companies use paper-based packaging or other materials that are easily degradable.

    Other recyclable packaging alternatives include durable woods, paper, and metals.

  • Using hemp-based cannabis packaging

    If you haven’t heard about it yet, this is one of the best recyclable packaging choices. Hemp seed paper is an environmentally-sustainable alternative and is also completely biodegradable.

This is an example of sustainable papers used in the pot packages which will conserve trees and keep any waste from ending up in landfills.


Let your green efforts be known

What’s the use of investing in these sustainable innovations when not all will know about it? This is an important step in branding your company as a sustainably aware organization. Echo to your target market the change you’re doing with your packaging, and they’ll show their appreciation for your sustainable efforts through patronizing your products.


Support environmental initiatives

We should not stop with just manufacturing environmentally-sustainable cannabis packaging. It’s important that we also take it a step further by partnering with organizations that work in movements that help with the environment.

With this, our companies can also take part in clean-ups, and practice sustainable actions in our respective work and office places.



It’s important that we contribute to making eco-conscious efforts in each of our lifestyles. The use of cannabis either for medical or recreational purposes is part of this. It’s important to learn to recycle the packaging it comes with and to use accessories that are also environmentally sustainable.

Many of the cannabis accessories at QuikfillRX use hemp-based materials that are truly environmentally-friendly. These products include their hemp cigarette cases and hemp cable kits, to name a few.

Start your eco-conscious journey with QuikfillRX and add to cart their products now.

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