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Basic Types of Lighters: Your Ultimate Torch Lighter Guide from QuikfillRx

Not all lighters are made equal. Check out QuikfillRx to find the perfect torch lighterand wholesale smoking accessories for your smoking and dispensary needs.

Lighters are portable devices that create flames. They are used mostly as smoking and dispensary accessories but are also essential survival tools. There are plenty of lighter types available in the market that offer different features - designed according to specific needs or recreational requirements. 

Torch lighters, capsule lighters, floating lighters, waterproof lighters, and alien torch lighters are just a few of the types of lighters available in the market. Each model can differ from the other depending on the kind of flame it offers, its ignition system, and the type of fuel it uses. Knowing the difference, advantages, and disadvantages of these devices will help you choose the most suitable lighter perfect for your needs.

Some lighters are also differentiated according to the strength their flame offers. Case design and other durability factors can also give one lighter a positive point over the other. Nonetheless, choosing the right lighter for you will depend on your needs.

QuikfillRx understands that there is a perfect lighter out there for your needs. Thus, we offer this comprehensive list of lighter types, best for the rookie and the seasoned smoker.


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  • Spark Wheel Plastic Lighters

    The basic and the most affordable lighter type is the plastic lighter that features a spark wheel made from serrated steel. The ignition system is at the bottom of the wheel. Butane fuels this type of lighters.


    Sparkwheel plastic lighters are usually refillable. However, since you can buy them at a meager price, they are often disposed of after use. The spark wheel plastic lighter does not work well in windy or wet conditions and comes in a less durable plastic casing.


  • Piezo Spark Ignition Lighters

    The Piezo spark ignition lighter is similar to the spark wheel plastic lighter except for its ignition system. It features a button that hits the quartz or the piezoelectric element in the device to create a spark and ignite the butane fuel located inside the lighter. The spark is electric, unlike the spark wheel lighter that functions mechanically.


    Also encased in plastic, the Piezo spark ignition lighter also falls into the most affordable lighters category. They are not windproof, are sometimes refillable, and do not work well in wet conditions. However, it is very handy to use, and some models feature childproof safety functions.


  • Torch Lighters

    Torch lighters are known for their blue flame and its pressurized ignition chamber. Also known as cigar lighters, turbo lighters, or jet lighters, the torch lighters are the preferred smoking tools for cigars and pipes.


    QuikfillRx features the 3d Alien XXL Torch Lighter as one of its most durable torch lighters in its collection. It works in different directions, even upside down, and can also caramelize your Creme Brulee. The unique alien head design in glow-in- the-dark neon green color even makes the Alien Torch Lighter a standout.


  • Electric Coil Lighters

    Electric coil lighters are also popularly known as flame-less lighters. They are battery-powered and do not require any fuel to create a flame. The device creates heat through electricity - heating the coil that is then used to light a cigarette.


    Some models already feature charging ports and can be charged via USB. The device is considered to be one of the most environment-friendly lighter types available out there. It's windproof but should not be exposed to any wet surface.


  • Candle Lighters

    Its very long neck often defines the candle lighter. It is mostly categorized as a utility lighter and is very safe to use to reach candle wicks easily or ignite gas-powered ovens. Some models feature a curved or flexible neck making the device even more versatile.


    However, candle lighters are not meant for recreational purposes. Although some models feature great artistry, bright colors, and exciting design, the way the lighter works is not advisable for recreational smoking. Its size is also inconvenient to be carried around in your pocket or purses.


  • Pipe Lighters

    The pipe lighters are known for their unique design and are created differently compared to other lighters. Instead of the usual flame coming from the top of the device, the pipe lighter comes from the side and can even burn your fingers when you turn it upside down.


    The pipe lighter features spark wheels as its ignition system. They produce a very robust flame and can be easily used even in harsh outdoor conditions. However, the ignition system can quickly fail, especially for brands with low-quality.


    QuikfillRx Collection


    Using the guide above, you can easily choose a lighter of your liking, fit for your smoking requirements. If you are still confused, you can compare and decide which of these lighter types suits your style, needs, and budget best.

    Get the best value for your money by checking out QuikfillRx's lighter and torch collection. Whether it's for recreational or survival purposes, you can find a perfect device best for your needs. Our brand also features specialized lighting for different smoking instruments.

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