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6 Variations of Cannabis with the Lightest Strain

If you’re just starting out in the cannabis industry, it is crucial to be aware which product has the lightest strain.

Cannabis products have different strains. If you use marijuana products frequently, it is safe to say that you are always on the hunt for the best weed strain. Since cannabis use has increased over time, more people are now familiar with the different marijuana strains.

If you own a dispensary, it is vital to know about the strain to the most potent ones. Some of the customers might be too critical or picky when it comes to strain. Therefore, it is a challenge for wholesalers to classify which of the variations fit best to the customer's needs. 

First, we must understand what a marijuana strain is?

Marijuana is divided into three categories—Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Indica came from the Hindu Kush mountains located in India. Many users believe that it has a relaxing effect every time they use it. On the other hand, Sativa gives a more invigorating effect on the user. And Hybrid gives a combining effect of the two. 


However, some industry experts would like to reconsider these categories. Amos Elberg, the head of data science at Confident Cannabis, thinks that the terms are meaningless. Elberg says that he has seen samples of cannabis products tested in the  labs and when they look at the data, especially in the chemical content of the flower they cannot see identifiable characteristics. He believes that people are using the terms as catchalls that are inconsistent with the effect.

To simply put it, it should not be alarming to cannabis users if energizing Sativa has a more calming effect, or if an Indica strain makes them feel livelier and fuller of energy.

Now, let us look at which type of cannabis is perfect for you.


Named after a disastrous nuclear accident, this Sativa strain is advisable for beginners in the pot industry. It contains more THC than CBD and famous for producing dreamy highs that are creative and highly cerebral. As a beginner with a low tolerance for cannabis, Chernobyl must be consumed slowly.


For newcomers of the drug, this hybrid strain works very well for people with a low tolerance for cannabis. Cannatonic creates a short but happy high after using it. While there are several medical claims for this cannabis product, it is considered a treatment for anxiety, migraines, and stress-related symptoms. 


If you want a marijuana product that will give you a relaxing and euphoric feeling, you might want to try Harlequin. It will leave you feeling alert but not droopy. Although there are some health claims, Harlequin is said to be a perfect treatment for anxiety, controlling paranoia, and the adverse side effects of THC.

Sour Tsunami

This CBD strain is famous for being one of the first cannabis bred explicitly for high CBD instead of THC content. Although it has an increased CBD range, Sour Tsunami strain will not leave you feeling "high," just stress-free and relaxed. Some health claims for this cannabis strain is its effectiveness to treat pain and inflammation. 


For beginners and looking for a cannabis product to narrow their focus and help them be efficient, then Permafrost is the best recommendation. It is a Sativa dominant hybrid that creates a relaxing effect that affects your mind and body, distributed in equal parts. Permafrost is indeed a good supplement for activities.

Maui Wowie

Feel like visiting Hawaii? This marijuana strain is a Hawaiian legend that ensures inspiration and energy when you take it. It gives the user a soaring high, and happy feeling like you are situated in one of Hawaii's tropical beaches. Maui Wowie has a light effect that allows your mind to drift away to creative escapes. It is famous for its tropical flavors and stress-relieving qualities.

Maybe you should check out all of these to find the lightest strain.

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